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Phil's Field Maintenance



Growing up with horses, I’ve been helping with field maintenance for the past 20 years. I have a diverse range of skills ranging from :


  • Equestrian field and paddock maintenance, 

  • Harrowing,

  • Topping,

  • Rolling,

  • Flail Mowing,

  • Overseeding,

  • Hedge Cutting,

  • Fertilising,

  • Spraying,

  • Stable Repairs,

  • Tree cutting, 

  • Fence repairs,

  • Implement repairs, 

  • Tractor rebuilds,

  • Tractor resprays.



I’ve recently restored two 1959’s Massey Ferguson tractors which we use on a day to day basis, completing all sorts of tasks round farms and fields. I also complete and perform my own maintenance of our farm machinery and various implements. The Mf35's are perfect for some small jobs as not only can they be transported to your farms/fields but they can fit in to the tightest of spaces and are great for squeezing between trees. 

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Phil's Field Maintenance



United Kingdom

Tel : 07407 718 698

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