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This is generally carried out in spring and again in autumn. We use a small chain harrow which does a nice job. Also used to spread and break up manure round the paddock, which then rots back down in to the ground. We also do a lot of harrowing sand-school & arenas with the chain harrows and i find these probably work the best, Ive used many others but seem to find myself returning to these all the time. 


This is what’s needed to keep your grass in tip top condition for horses. Doing this regularly not only helps the grass to grow and stops the weeds growing but it also looks nice and neat when completed. I use a 5ft topper which will leave the grass looking nice and fresh. We recommend doing this at a couple of times throughout late spring and summer.



It is crucial to roll your fields after a wet winter, especially when the ground is soft or the fields are pitted. Rolling can help restore the shape of your fields and ensure that they are in optimal condition.


Flail Mower

This is a similar tool to a topper however it will leave a different finish as it will mulch up the grass but its much slower. The flail mower will give a shorter cut and is handy to take through nettle or bramble patches but is NOT ideal for long grass. This is very useful if you have a very overgrown area which needs clearing as they are built to withstand heavy-duty cutting tasks and harsh working conditions e.g through undergrowth or woodland.

Horse Grazing

Over Seeding

No matter how hard we try look after our fields and paddocks, there comes a time when you may need to over-seed to replenish the grass. We offer this service and can advise what the best type of grass can be to go with your horses.

This is great for the bare patches where horses tend to walk all the time, e.g along the fence line or through the gateways.


Hedge Cutting


(as it nesting season)

I have a compact hedge cutter which has a horizontal cut height of 2.5m high or vertically 3.0m high. This can be used to clear bramble patches growing in to the field as i can set this to cut along the ground, exactly the same as a flail mower. This can be used to tidy up the hedgerows in your paddocks.

Due to the nesting season i am only able to offer this service between Sept 1st - March 1st.  



We can supply fertiliser and spread this prior to over-seeding which helps the ground return to its optimal condition. 

If in doubt we do a soil test which can be done to ascertain exactly what fertiliser you need.



I am trained and licensed to spray herbicides for weed control. Whether you have a field full of buttercups or ragwort, spraying is an effective and safe method to manage these weeds. Depending on the situation, multiple applications or different herbicides may be required. Quotations will be provided on an individual basis due to the unique nature of each job.​

White Horse

Stable Repairs

Having been involved with horses most of my life I’m well aware of the kind of repairs you have to perform sometime to the stables. Whether that be replacing the internal boards, Wood-lap on the outside, roof sheets, even fixing a stable door or just refreshing the paintwork. 

Tree Cutting

I can tidy up storm damaged trees, remove low branches around a field for access or just log the tree for firewood. 

IMG_2079 2_edited.jpg

Tractor Rebuilds

I have recently completed two rebuilds of two Massey Ferguson 35’s 4cyl Diesels, These are notoriously hard to start and have had lots of upgrades added to them. The biggest being a head upgrade, I have drilled and tapped 4 glow plugs in to the head and now it starts first time every time. If it's something worth doing its worth doing right. After all I need these reliable as there used daily. I would like to think I'm pretty knowledgable when it comes to these two tractors as they have both had a lot of love and sweat poured in to them. 

Implement Servicing and Repairs

I have repaired many implements for tractors in the past. This may involve fixing a roller, servicing a flail mower, small engine swaps, repairing a set of harrows, fixing a drill. Some of these repairs may have to be completed at our workshop rather than onsite, depending what tools are needed etc. 


Tractor Re-Sprays

I have completed various respray jobs, Restored two Massey Ferguson 35’s, Case international’s, John deer’s, Ransom’s, Implements, Harrows, Rollers, mini diggers etc. (May to Nov time only) 


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